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I originally had planned on doing a cohesive, full shoot, but eventually gave into the ADD. Have I mentioned lately how much I fucking love the lighting in this game?

Mostly Jacob and his scarecrow friend, with a random snippet of PieGirl and her fabulous milk and flour.

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I haven't posted in here in a while, so I gathered up some random pics from the last few months and tossed them all in a gallery.

I forgot to back up my saved games after I reinstalled WA after fighting with the patch from hell, so I lost the games I'd been playing. I'm not really all that upset, except for the part where I lost Andy's daughter. That made me kinda sad since I never got to see her grow up. That just means I'll have to have him spawn again!

Anyway, this collection goes back to Tristan in Egypt, has some WA game melt down, a random visit to China by Pie Girl and Jacob, a bit of wine making, and finally ends with some posed shots I did last night.

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More World Adventures adventures, this time with Jacob, Piegirl, and Tristan. France, China, and Egypt are all involved, along with really random and pointless commentary. I suppose it suits the random and pointless pictures quite well.

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I picked up World Adventures today. These are just a couple pictures of the very starts of one of said Adventures, featuring Jacob in France.

So far, in the short amount of time I've had to play, I'm absolutely loving this EP! I've only been to France, but it's just gorgeous. There seems to be a lot of new gameplay added, and I'm really looking forward to having more time to play.

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It's been awhile...

I've been struggling with making female sims in TS3 since day one, but I was bound and determined not to be beaten. After studying some photos today, I decided I was ready to try recreating Emily. I absolutely love how she turned out, even though she's not really a direct copy of her TS2 self.

At any rate, have some picspam of her in Jacob's house, which is where I test all sorts of crap.

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Posting just because I can; little more than a continuation of the pointlessness of the previous collection.

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This is me attempting to do a 'shoot' in TS3, and... well... there's really no point as such, but it was interesting to have the challenge. I quite like a lot of these pics, despite the utter lack of control.

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Sorry for the massive Jacob spam, but oddly enough, he seems to cooperate best.
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Lots of stuff happening this time, including a totally random marriage, divorce, and kid stuff. I mainly focused on Andy and his spawn, Carina, who are quickly becoming my favorites. At least for now.

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Break-ups, divorces, spawnage, game crashes...

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Now that [personal profile] gelydh had posted, I feel a bit better about tossing more pictures up.

Tossing the Indie Stone Story Progression Mod in my game resulted in some Interesting Things happening, but I've since put it in ultra-slow-progression mode because I was starting to have issues keeping up with the goings on.

As usual, click on the first thumbnail to read through with commentary.

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