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Cold bars of steel; I'm beginning to dig the feel of all that disappears into ethereal

The first child of Andy to ever make it out of childhood, Ego, begins to explore her world.


But not a whole lot, really.

[ fifty-four ]
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Oh crap, that picture of Luci laughing at Andy in his underpants made me laugh so freaking hard. That is so what I would do. And I make that face all the time. I'm stealing this picture and making it my new desktop background.

Glass is completely creepy (well, at least once you fixed his chin).

Ego grew up so pretty! Awwwww.

Hee hee, Robokitty on trampoline. She's just so cute, I want to do evil things to her.
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I loved #33: Lucy's not a whore! I've never seen a sim hold a coin like that.