the hot and sticky pillow man is smothering my face again...

I'm so sick of Facebook eating the order of my pictures, as well as their quality. This 'hood is a mix of Pets and Showtime.

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scared of what the morning brings...

One of these days I'll put some actual effort into a 'shoot,' because TS3 has so much to offer in terms of lighting and etc. In the mean time, here are some random pictures in which I just mess around.

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[personal profile] gelydh needed cheering up yesterday, so that meant I got to go back in time to visit James and Tristan in a more moustached era.

[ twenty-six ]

this kiss you give, it's never ever gonna fade away

It's been a struggle to get Late Night going, but I think I'm finally ready to jump in. These pictures are of the random crap leading up to this point.

[ sixty-five ]

losing my soul

I'm posting these here because they're related to sims, and because I can and [personal profile] gelydh told me to post them here.

This Velvet Oblivion (plus one) in Rock Band 3 )

And I really need to get to installing Late Night now that I'm back home... I really want to build The Xenon and Club Crimsyn.
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this time you went too far

Oh my god, I can't stop laughing at this. I need to redo it with TS3 and the remix. XD

November of 2007?? Damn... this is older than I thought!

knew you were faking just a little bit

I apparently took a lot of pictures last weekend.

[ sixty-two ]
gelydh: (Damien | the moon still asleep)
[personal profile] gelydh2010-10-01 01:33 am

You're one more dead composer.

Wow, pictures from me for once! These are hilarious and amusing to me, and possibly to other people. My game is crazy, pretty much.

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Cold bars of steel; I'm beginning to dig the feel of all that disappears into ethereal

The first child of Andy to ever make it out of childhood, Ego, begins to explore her world.


But not a whole lot, really.

[ fifty-four ]

with curses on the tongues of angels

My saved game got corrupted, so I had to start all over again again. There was angst, then I decided I'd cheat my way to where I was. Things were amusing despite the irritation.

Things haven't been crashing and I haven't had any other issues. I guess I should really make sure my story progression mod is up to date from now on. :X

[ one hundred two ]

nothing ever lasts forever

Gave up on the old 'hood, and started a new one. Again. Which was actually amazingly pointless since everyone is the same between the two, but I'm trying to get things started fresh. It's working out much better already. I have Plans and everything!

I did manage to take way too damn many pictures again, as usual. Oh well.

[ one hundred ]
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all eyes turn away

Blah blah blah. Still nothing happening, but I seem compelled to take pictures anyway.

[ thirty? ]

i remember the day i saw you...

I've been sick, so I've been playing a bit again. Not much happened really, but I'm posting pictures anyway.

[ forty-six ]
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you better make sure you're looking closely before you fall into your swoon

Just a few pictures from a side-project I've been working on.

[ fourteen ]

i swallow the sound and it swallows me whole

I got to play, then my game crashed. I love this EP so much I don't care; it just means I can kill the same ghosts all over again.

Lots of Jacob nekkid in this one. We should no longer be surprised.

[ fifty-four ]
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(no subject)

Randomness from the new Ambitions EP.

So far, fantastic! I didn't have any issues at all with the installation, all my CC is working fine, and it just seems like it'll be fun to play and add a lot to the day-to-day lives of simlets. One feature I wasn't expecting was a new transparency control for make-up, which was badly needed. The ceilings are also CAStable now!

I should have quite a bit of time to sit down and play after Wednesday (tattooing, won't want to move Thursday), which I'm looking forward to. :D

[ thirty-five ]
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maker's breath...

Randomness before tomorrow's new EP. 8D

[ eighteen ]
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and i need all the love i can get

I still haven't been playing much at all, but I have been getting a lot of preview pictures. With those come preview picture outtakes (and a couple random for good measure).

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this is not my story

I don't have anything to say about this picture, really.

MeSim seems pleased, at least... )

(I have a bunch of pictures I could post, but I keep forgetting. Now that I've got my game running really freaking well, I'll be able to play without wanting to scream. Picspam will soon follow.)