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Plans moving forward; still taking too many pictures.

[ eighty-one ]
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Gave up on the old 'hood, and started a new one. Again. Which was actually amazingly pointless since everyone is the same between the two, but I'm trying to get things started fresh. It's working out much better already. I have Plans and everything!

I did manage to take way too damn many pictures again, as usual. Oh well.

[ one hundred ]
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Blah blah blah. Still nothing happening, but I seem compelled to take pictures anyway.

[ thirty? ]
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I've been sick, so I've been playing a bit again. Not much happened really, but I'm posting pictures anyway.

[ forty-six ]
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Just a few pictures from a side-project I've been working on.

[ fourteen ]
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I got to play, then my game crashed. I love this EP so much I don't care; it just means I can kill the same ghosts all over again.

Lots of Jacob nekkid in this one. We should no longer be surprised.

[ fifty-four ]
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Randomness from the new Ambitions EP.

So far, fantastic! I didn't have any issues at all with the installation, all my CC is working fine, and it just seems like it'll be fun to play and add a lot to the day-to-day lives of simlets. One feature I wasn't expecting was a new transparency control for make-up, which was badly needed. The ceilings are also CAStable now!

I should have quite a bit of time to sit down and play after Wednesday (tattooing, won't want to move Thursday), which I'm looking forward to. :D

[ thirty-five ]
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Randomness before tomorrow's new EP. 8D

[ eighteen ]
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I still haven't been playing much at all, but I have been getting a lot of preview pictures. With those come preview picture outtakes (and a couple random for good measure).

[ gallery | nineteen ]
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I don't have anything to say about this picture, really.

MeSim seems pleased, at least... )

(I have a bunch of pictures I could post, but I keep forgetting. Now that I've got my game running really freaking well, I'll be able to play without wanting to scream. Picspam will soon follow.)

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